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Testing Resources

Computer and the Secure Browser
The following are directions to ensure a smooth testing session for your student so they can perform at their best.
In order to take the State required test, you must have the CAASPP secure browser installed on the computer that is going to be used for testing.  If your student has a district issued Chromebook, the browser will be installed already and your student should be ready to test.
If you have a personal device, such as a Windows PC, Mac, or iPad, please reference the videos and instructions below in order to download and install the secure browser so that your student may test.   Personal Chromebooks cannot download a secure browser, so you will need to get a school issued Chromebook.
Finding student's SSID number
Finding your student's SSID number to login for state testing is easy!  Please watch the following video in English or Spanish for directions.
Tips on taking the state test remotely
Items needed:
Secure Browser
Headphones or earbuds
Quiet work space
Freedom to make mistakes, learn, and do our best!