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Welcome to 6th grade science! We will be learning tons of things related to our Earth and having fun doing it! This is the "S" part of STEAM-science-and just like our name, our classroom learning will incorporate technology, engineering, art and math, too. This is my 2nd year here and if you haven't already heard our test scores say a lot about what we do and how well we do it. How did we get there? Plenty of hard work at writing out lab reports, engineering new ideas, thinking of creative solutions and reading about the world we live in.

Please feel free to email me for questions or concerns or to keep me posted on something unique about your child that I need to know at

This summer I spent a week in South Carolina helping researchers at Clemson University collect data about the effects of rising tides on the East Coast. This unique experience directly relates to our unit on drought and climate change. I also hiked 100 miles of the PCT-and yes I saw the movie "Wild". I hope you had some fun and interesting trips this summer, too, to add to our discussions about where we live and how humans interact with our planet.

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Grades so far

4 grades have been posted. Most kids are complete and doing well. There are a few students who still have not done work from 2 weeks ago. Check your child's agenda and check parent portal. 
Remember: Sign those agendas. They are worth a lot of points because organization is key to success!

Science 6th Grade Syllabus

Kust          6th grade Science                    Syllabus


Interactive Notebooks will be graded at least once a week.


Assignments in the INB will be 9/10 for doing what is asked

10/10 exceeding expectations

Minus 1 for sloppy, messy

Minus 1 for not following directions

Minus 1-7 for incomplete work


Other bigger assignments like projects or tests will be worth more points. The grading scales and rubrics will always be presented to the students before the assignment begins.


3 ring binders (AVID style) will be checked by 6th grade team weekly, so I will check once every 4 weeks, approximately.


INBs are a MUST and not to be lost or they will have to be rewritten


Absent work can be copied/finished (from the teacher INB) the next day by coming to class before or after school.


Parents are encouraged, and sometimes it will be required for them, to read and make post-it note comments in their child’s INB.


I am available for help, tutoring, etc. before school from 7am to 8am.


LAB: any misbehavior or not following the rules will be cause for the student to be an “observer” without participating during the rest of the lab and for the next lab. NO warnings. The lab writing is still required.


Engineering tools (hammer, screwdriver, etc.) will follow the same rules as the lab.


Homework will be assigned no more than once a week. It will often be an assignment requiring a computer, so students must use the school computers after school if necessary.

Students will NEVER be asked to buy anything. All projects MUST use items found in the house or ask me for supplies. Donations are always appreciated.



Barometer. Every morning check to see if the pressure has risen or fallen. If pressure rises the straw will go up. I will randomly pick a person to report to the class. This is worth two points.