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Jaguars, first bell rings at 7:56am, be on time!  Eat a healthy sugar!  Let's make it a great day.
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We have reached the end of Semester 1; there will not be after school tutoring this week. I will be here during lunch Tuesday.

Update: Notebook Collection

Notebook will be collected Monday 12/11 in order for students to be able to complete Friday's virtual lab assignment (in case we don't have enough class time to finish it).

End of the Semester

As announced the week before last, notebooks will be collected Friday 12/8 for a final semester grade. If you have any questions about assignments you need to complete or need anything graded, come to lunch or after school tutoring.


Incomplete classwork is homework; check google classroom for details and resources you need to complete your assignments.

Keeping Up With Grades

 Reminder: If there is a missing or incomplete assignment on Portal, the student must present it to me for a grade. The grade cannot be changed until I see the completed assignment. If a student is absent, it is their responsibility to keep up with the work they missed, this includes showing me the work I graded when they were absent.

Items Due

 CER/say,so,so from page 12 was due Friday. Notebook covers will be graded Tuesday 9/5.