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Jaguars, first bell rings at 7:56am, be on time!  Eat a healthy sugar!  Let's make it a great day.
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You need these items with you EACH DAY in ELA

-Interactive Notebook

-Notebook paper

-Glue sticks


-Colored Pencils

-Sharpener with cap

-Blue or black pen



Recent Posts

CAASPP Testing is Fast Approaching...

Our school starts testing next week.  In preparation for the test, review the following pages in notebooks:  
62-63; 70-71; 76-77; 78-79; 86-87; 93
On the night before you're scheduled to take the test:  Go to bed early!
On the day that you're scheduled to take the test:  Eat a HEALTHY breakfast!
Also:  Please practice at home using the SBAC Practice test.  Enter as a guest user and click grade 7.  Try using the highlighting and notepad features!  

Dress to Impress for Showcase

-wear dress shirts, slacks, blouses, dresses
-wear clean shoes and clothes (iron clothes if they are wrinkled)
-gentlemen should wear ties if they have access to one
-jeans with rips or holes
-high heels or open-toed shoes

Re-Grading of PBL Projects

If your group has been working hard to improve your websites, tri-folds, etc since the Dry Run and the feedback forms, you have an opportunity to have your 7th grade teachers re-grade your presentations and products on Monday from 3-4.  Here is what you need to know:
-You need to report to Mrs. O'Dell's room at 3 p.m. on MONDAY, 3/5.  If you are late there is no guarantee you will get your project re-graded by the 4 p.m. end time. 
-All members of your group must be there in order to present--hold each other accountable for making sure you all get there at 3.
-Have all of your items with you (products, tri-folds, etc) in order to present. 

My ELA Classes on 2/14

Students:  tomorrow you will report to the computer lab (room 29) to complete an activity with Counselor Garcia.  You will need to bring your student I.D.  Do not report to room 16; the classroom will be closed and locked.  

2nd Semester Grades So Far...

could use some serious improvement for many of you!  Please log into portal and start making up the missing work before it becomes too late in the semester for you to catch up!  Some of you are missing NUMEROUS assignments after only a month into this new semester!

Missing Work due by 12/13!

The last day to turn in missing assignments for ELA will be Wednesday, 12/13.  Work turned in after this day WILL NOT be scored.  

11/27/14 Notes On Foreshadowing. If you were absent, please add to p.45 of I.N. I will provide the graphic organizer upon your return to school. 
Students:  We are quickly approaching the end of The House on Hound Hill which means Patient Zero is next!  If you have yet to purchase your own copy but plan to, you might want to do it ASAP!  For those who do not own their own copies, you will have access to school copies from the library.  

Tutoring Reminder!

Each day I assign a chapter to read in House on Hound Hill for homework, we will spend the tutoring session after school reading, analyzing, and annotating the chapter.  If you are struggling with close reading or understanding what you've read, you would benefit from tutoring!  Hope to see you afterschool!
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday:  3-3:30
MOST Fridays 3-4

Mandatory Tutoring

While tutoring is always open to all my students who need help in ELA, I have made it mandatory for certain students.  These students have written it in their agendas and initialed by me.  They should be attending until their ELA grades show significant improvement.  


After-school tutoring begins tomorrow, September 18th.  Focus will be on annotating/analyzing novels and homework completion.  Hope to see you there!