Halloween Costume Guidelines @ STEAM

On Halloween day, students are welcome to take part in the festivities. As a reminder, the school dress code does apply. Costumes should be appropriate for the season. In years past we have noticed costumes to be excessively revealing and inappropriate for the environment and/or age. In order to avoid problems, parents should use the following guidelines:

No weapons, real or fake.
Skirts must be appropriate length (no higher than finger tips when student's hands are at their sides).
Tops must not be revealing or expose cleavage.
Students must wear closed toe shoes.

These items are in no way a complete list. They serve only as a guideline. School staff shall be the final judge on the appropriateness of any costume. Any costume deemed inappropriate by school staff will result in the student having to change into PE clothes. If a student has a question about his or her costume, they must ask school staff before October 28.